Elli's Study Log 🍵

Okay I’ve decided to try making one of these to get some much needed feeling of accountability : P
I started HanziHero I think in October last year while i was on an exchange semester in Taiwan. But when I got back in February I lost all my study motivation. So at the start of this week when i got back into it i had over 1700 reviews waiting for me.
But since i have come back from worse in my Wanikani days : P so this does not deter me from trying!
I am now down to 1300 after committing to 30 min of hanzihero everyday so as long as i keep at it it should naturally come down to a more normal amount. I also decided to only learn new words, no characters, until it’s in the 500 or less range again. This way the words will help me remember the characters but my new character workload will not increase.
My motivation to learn Chinese came back when started watching the word of honor/山河令 on Netflix. Every time someone said a word or a sentence i could understand i would repeat it out loud and try to pronounce it like the actors and it was kind of really fun so my study motivation came back.
These burst of months long motivation and then a few months of no motivation for one specific thing is very normal for me. I tend to cycle through my interests which is not a bad thing cause i have a lot of them and i can’t do them all at the same time anyway. Buuut languages are one of those things where you really have to put in consistent work to get better so I’m trying to be better about it!
Sadly my Mandarin is very far from good enough to learn from just observing like i do with English or even Japanese while watching youtube.

I’ll use this here to update about how i am doing coming back from my 1700+ reviews : P (maybe it can motivate people in the same situation in the future)
On Day 7 of the Comeback I’m at 1317


I’m looking forward to following along with your progress!

1700 to 1300 is a lot to cover, nice! Hopefully we can make some changes to help with the Review load soon :grimacing:

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Day 9 of the Comeback and I’m at 1178 Reviews!
Slow but steady progress. :slight_smile:
I also finally got my painting supplies out again and having abo at Chinese landscape painting again. Which is not related to studying the language but motivates me to interact with the language more!
I took an art class at NTNU in Taiwan about Chinese landscape painting and it’s so much fun getting back into it now.
I also started a list of all the 4 character idioms I encounter while studying or consuming mandarin media


Show us some of your paintings!


Day 11 I got so excited to get below 1000 that i put in an hour instead of 30 min haha and i am now at 992 reviews ^^

Also a painting from when we went outside to Daan forest park in Taipei to do some live sketching and then later refined the sketch back in the classroom.

This was from October last year and i think it’s still my favourite ink painting I did so far, just sad that I dropped a bit of ink water on it while finishing it :frowning:
( I sadly don’t have a better camera so it’s not super high res )


I wonder how long it takes to develop a steady hand, especially depending on how you’re doing the live sketching. From the bit I’ve read some say it’s about “building confidence” in your lines – committing to the full stroke. That, and using your arm rather than wrist (this still doesn’t make sense to me motor-wise :sweat_smile: )

To help break down the backlog a bit more (and keep up motivation) we just added a daily review limit setting. – hopefully this’ll help in chunking your review backlog and feeling accomplished for hitting your currently daily target of ~30mins :slight_smile:

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It takes as long as drawing or painting in general takes. If you already paint in other mediums that part is transferabler. The arm rather then wrist thing is a thing all art teachers around the globe tell you all the time haha.

This is what is unique to this way of painting according to our teacher. The brush texture and stroke should make the detail and portray your emotions and what not. It’s kinda hard to give up the control over the details and let the brush do it’s thing. The hard part is that the brush needs to be super dry for that, but have just enough pigment and water.

Day 14 review comeback update I’m at 823 reviews. I might be able to get back to learn new characters in a week ^-^

I’m not limiting myself to a number of reviews but rather on a minimum time frame and if i am motivated i just let myself continue for a bit longer. This has been working well for me over the last 2 weeks.