Disabling pinyin for examples?

Would it be possible to add an option to disable the pinyin in the examples? To me it feels slightly counterproductive to learn all these characters, only to be served fully pinyinized examples, and unfortunately my brain is really adept at taking the easy way out :wink:

For me a toggle would do just fine, but for more fanciness perhaps pinyin on mouseover like e.g. Mandarin Bean does it?

And while we’re here, maybe the example fontsize could be increased slightly for the Chinese text? I have a habit of just… not reading them, because they’re tiny, and I’m busy.

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I can see how as one learns more it’s important to get away from the pinyin labeling.
The pinyin and English are there to help out newcomers in making it more approachable I suppose :thinking:
A toggle sounds like a good middleground.
I’ll give it a bit more thought, seeing if there’s an easier way to solve “no more pinyin side-by-side” but another toggle certainly doesn’t hurt.

Increasing the font-size is something worth doing in either case :slight_smile:

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I switched it over to a larger font and we’ll pilot having only hover access to the accented pinyin of the words.


If we find that having the separate pinyin listed there helps/is requested enough, then we can look into a user site-wide setting that toggles whether to display the pinyin separately or not :slight_smile:

But you had a very strong point–it’s arguable that having the pinyin there all the time actively harms one’s learning.

to learn all these characters, only to be served fully pinyinized examples

It’s important for one to test whether they know the pronunciation of a character. Having the pinyin right there greatly diminishes the usefulness of the examples :sweat_smile: so now one can access it behind a hover/tap :slight_smile: