Component mistake on 缩?

The search by component feature is pretty useful. But when I was trying to look up a similar character to 宿, I couldn’t find 缩 despite them only differing by the inclusion of the silk component. Is there a reason behind this?

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Are you referring to navigating to a component page to see all characters that contain it?

In that case I see the problem. 缩 does not have hundred as a component. So I’m guessing you went to 宿, clicked on hundred and then did not find 缩 in the list of “Found in Hanzi”. This will be fixed in the next update.

We have some plans on implementing a basic “character similarity” sometime soon, which will make this process even easier by showing any characters that differ from one another by a component or two directly on the character page.

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This has been fixed with the latest simplified curriculum update

We also made some initial steps towards that character similarity logic. On the page for 宿 you will now see 缩 under the “Visually similar characters” heading. :slight_smile:

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yeah that’s what happened

How will this work? What if character A has component X, and character B has component Y, but X is a part of Y like in the 白 百 case?


We are still working on the initial implementation, but will publish a documentation article about how it works generally sometime this month.

The current version is pretty simple: it matches any characters that only differ by one component, so long as they have at least three components to begin with. So subcomponents are not currently considered in the comparison.

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