Community Word Suggestions


In a previous post, I suggested that it would be cool to have the ability to add your own words. This would make it so that I didn’t have to use two different SRS programs in order to progress; I could just use this one.

You guys did not like this idea, so I’m gonna suggest something else instead: What about adding a community-driven suggestions page where we could suggest words that we find useful, along with a mnemonic. Then, each week when you are working on adding stuff to the curriculum, you could just glance over the proposed mnemonic, and add them. That way, words that the community thinks are useful are much more likely to be added, and we would get more content at once.

Another cool feature that I would really enjoy is the ability to prioritize words: when a word is prioritized, all the characters that it contains are also going to be prioritized, and it is guaranteed to appear. That way, when I prioritize two characters that I want to learn because they are contained in a word that I wanna learn, I don’t have to wait for ages to actually get that specific word.

Just some ideas.



Thanks for the suggestions!

Word prioritization is something we plan to add at some point for sure in the coming months.

I will think a bit about the suggestions page a bit more, I like it so far. I am planning to do some scheduling changes in the coming weeks to increase the amount of weekly words added, and once those are in place and going smoothly I’ll look into making a thread like that.

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