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For such vast project I wonder if you would consider putting together a process for trusted users to become qualified to add new words and characters that are not yet in the database. I would happily help with that as I often come here to prioritize new characters I am learning elsewhere and when I can’t find them I’m sad haha.

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It’s an interesting proposition and I appreciate you extending your help :slight_smile:

I can definitely see how it’s a bummer to come across something new in immersion and not yet able to queue it up.

We do have requirements when it comes to words within the main course–that is, it has matching tones (with the exception of the fifth tone) to help reinforce the characters–but I also see how “out-of-bounds” words you will inevitably run across, and you’ll want a way to review them, and it would be nice to just have one place to review stuff. :thinking: We just want to make sure we’re always fulfilling our main objective, which is character mastery–words in HanziHero are chosen toward that end.

I recall @lorentz suggesting a way to add “custom words” and maybe that’d be more personalized in nature.

Would be curious to see other opinions!

I initially had pretty strong feelings on this topic, but almost 1000k characters in I see why the site focuses on characters. The SRS’ purpose for me is batching mid-reading/mid-watching lookups

You don’t need SRS to learn anything - it just is useful to get you over the beginner/intermediate phase where lookups slow down content consumption/the amount of content you can consume is inefficient as a learning tool. The SRS doesn’t need to be perfect (have every alternative reading/vocab word) to carry you to the advanced stage. You still have the immersion, and eventually that will serve as a natural SRS.

There are a few caveats though

  • some double reading characters
  • rare characters, words, idioms worth memorizing for advanced students.

Native Chinese don’t pick these up from immersion alone and I’d expect learners to have many gaps. Whether or not HH is the place for this is up to the admins, but my main motivation is just

I would like to keep things on this site because it feels way better than Anki. Ideally I’d want to just have custom cards that can be of any # characters I want with custom reading/meanings. At the very least through, I think there should be a warning symbol in the lessons where there is an extremely common alternative reading - even if you don’t quiz it, e.g. 还 huan2/hai2.

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Ooh yeah being able to add custom “cards” to my own deck would be a game changer.