Character Prioritization ⚡

It’s expected that, as you’re going through Mandarin media, you’ll run into a character you don’t know.

Ideally you should be able to load up that character in your lessons and reviews as soon as possible.

Now you can :slight_smile:

Introducing Character Prioritization.
Just search up the character you’re interested in and click on the prioritization button.

You’ll see its components and sounds pushed to the front of the lessons if you aren’t familiar with them yet.

Once you are, then you’ll see the character(s) you prioritized in the order you prioritized them (last one prioritized is the first in queue).

Read more about it in the docs.

Happy studying!



How does this affect the existing number of reviews? It’s just added on top? E.g. suppose I pick 20 extra characters to study on top of my daily 20; does that work as if I started learning 40 new items in a day?

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Good question! :slight_smile:

It’s not added on top, but instead pushed to the front. You will still have 20/lessons per day despite how many prioritized items.

If you prioritize more than 20 characters, then you will only see the 20 most recent ones you prioritized.

I can see the merit of “I want to learn this right now, please put it ‘on top’ of the other lessons” we’ll give some thought to that :+1:

Okay I actually really love this feature. I’ll will definitely use it to learn characters I come across in my immersion

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This is a really cool feature, thanks for adding it!

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I just thought of something.

Would it be possible to import word lists so that those words get prioritized? For example, Mandarin Companion has word lists available on their website. Let’s say I would like to read one of their books, I could import the word lists from there and have all of those words prioritized in the queue. Would be a cool feature to have for longer form media content like books/audiobooks.

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I can see us supporting something similar in the future. In its simplest form, the user could import such a word list (e.g., txt file) and HanziHero could prioritize all characters that are used within that word list to avoid users having to go through and search/mark each one as prioritized. We could even organize most popular lists within our application to have a streamlined experience. This would be a pretty big improvement.

Right now our prioritization feature does not support prioritizing words (yet). But even when it does, the curated and character-focused nature of HanziHero makes it so that we would never fully cover most vocab lists. Whether or not we would open things up to have people add their own words we haven’t made any decision yet, mainly because filling in the main curriculum and implementing the rest of the character-focused features we have planned will keep us occupied for a while.


I will say, I like how the system gives you words made of prioritized Hanzi. I realized I knew like 90% of the characters in the lyrics to 童话, so I went ahead and added all the missing pieces. A few days later I got vocab cards with those characters. So basically the only thing needed for prioritized vocab would be for that vocab to be in HH either by more words added or custom. I imagine people onboarding with HH 1 year from now will get these needs met just because there will be a lot more words from the regular curriculum updates.