Character Coverage for HSK 🔍

By integrating the HSK levels into our curriculum we can finally answer a question you may have wondered: how far along am I within the HSK levels?

You can now check your progress by looking at the Character Coverage widget.

Check out the docs for more information.

More improvements to come.

Happy studying! :slight_smile:


I’m getting immense value out of all the recent improvement to the platform. Those little things cumulatively add up to greatly enhance awareness and learning. Thank you!


I love it!
One further suggestion with an rough proposal is adding the distribution of the SRS levels for each HSK level. Some paint level proposal right here:

In this example x/y/z/a/b/c could either be the total numbers or percentage of each item in each SRS level for the specific HSK level. Added a screenshot of the SRS distribution to make the example easy(?) to convey.
In the total number scenario (and if we assume I have no sounds, components, words and HSK2 level characters) x/y/z/a/b/c would translate to 64/149/396/170/0/0 (in real case this sum should be summed to 250 in this example - I just noticed that adding the SRS distribution screenshot might have made this more noisy :sweat_smile: ).

It would be beneficial long term to know how good proficiency one has achieved in each level, and if there are some “low level” characters one should try to make a special effort to learn - make a new custom mnemonic for example. And maybe one could “hover over” or to see the word SRS (and component?) distributions for each level.



Good idea!

I will experiment with a way to display it :thinking: though just listing them out may be the most effective.

The SRS stages need a refresh–both in the display as well as the colors. So I would probably do that first :slight_smile: