Bug - Custom synonyms for components with a 1-to-1 character version

Hi again! Sometimes I get the issue that the custom synonym for a component that I add is not accepted as an answer if it’s the same as the character meaning for the exact copy of component. This seems usually to just happen if I just introduced the synonym in the same review/lesson session, but right not it happened to me with the I/handsaw componet - which I’ve given the synonym I. In this case I was told this was the component and not the character, and could only proceed with handsaw as the answer.

For context, the reason I prefer using the “correct” name/meaning for the components also is that I assume it’s easier for the brain to just connect one meaning to one symbol, and not an extra which I assume you guys just made up for the mnemonic. And then I just make my own mnemonics, as I think yours might be a little long sometimes :sweat_smile: . I have gone back to using your characters mostly though, as I previously experimented with characters saying weird sounds/stuff like in Wanikani :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the report!

I’ve updated the site to handle this correctly.

Here’s a demonstration :slight_smile: