Any plans for a "Item's Learned" rework?

This graph was pretty neat when it was first introduced. But now that I’m 200+ days in it’s getting a bit cluttered, for sure I cannot really see the individual circles anymore.

  • Zoom in to different levels, like week, month, year.
  • Maybe some kind of click+drag to see the delta between two points in time, like the Google stock widget when you search for a ticker symbol
  • Other stats besides learned count, maybe mastered (Diamond) count, retention rate, etc.
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Thanks for the feedback!

I can see us adding in different zoom levels as a dropdown option. Likewise with adding more stats and charts accessible via different tabs, especially one that breaks down by SRS levels.

We have some plans to touch up the dashboard in a couple months, and will revisit those charts at that time. :+1:

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