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How has your Chinese learning journey been? What are some of your general practices for keeping on track with language? Maybe you have some resources, some tips. Share what you’ve learned, what you’ve struggled with, and be sure to ask any questions too!

I like Mandarin Bean (https://mandarinbean.com/). They do have a paying option but you can get a lot out of free resources available on their website. A good place to practice freshly learned hanzi. One complication is, they use Simplified characters, not Traditional ones, like in HanziHero. But the differences between the two are not that dramatic, and many commonly used ones are the same in both versions.

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Apologies: Mandarin Bean does have an option of alternating between Simplified and Traditional! Making it even more useful.

Since we are talking about resources: here is an incredibly well-organized collection of materials for learning Chinese based on your level, interests, and preferred media formats: