A Leaderboard would be cool

It would be cool to have a leaderboard where you can see at what other levels other people are, as a motivation - and find someone you want to beat or try to keep up with. I know some might be stressed by comparing themselves with others, and maybe should stay away from looking at such a board - but I think it could be beneficial overall and interesting to see how other people progress.
I understand that this might not be a priority at the moment with not so many users (I think if everyone that is a user has a community user automatically created), and maybe it might make it more awkward for you from a PR point of view if there isn’t that many users on the leaderboard :thinking:
So I understand if it’s not a priority or desired feature atm, but as the user I am I think it would be cool :grin:

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Back when I used Duolingo I did love their leaderboard feature. More often than not it encouraged me to go a lot further to make sure I was in the top 3, at least.

Here’s what it looks like now.

I think you may be on to something about it being not as effective at a smaller scale :thinking: What makes leaderboards effective for Duolingo is the high-throughput of new users they have.

I would be curious how the leaderboards work/function within more obscure [language ↔ language] courses of Duolingo.

This reminds me of MMOs in a funny way :thinking:

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I thought about a carbon copy of the wanikani leaderboard, which is roughly just a sorted list of everyone’s level - if I remember correctly.

So not a weekly thing, but more a global stats thing

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Great idea! We want to do this at some point.

The forum user account is only created when users log into the forum for the first time. Most of our users don’t use the forum, or only browse our announcements here without ever logging in.

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@tuobiyasi Yes, I think this is a fantastic idea. I agree with everyone’s stated reasons.

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