20 items per day

im currently using the free version and i am limited at 20 items per day. Is it increased with the paid version? it seems too slow and would like to do more per day. thanks

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The max limit of 20 per day is the same for both free and paid accounts.

We have some explanation for why we have the limit in this documentation page. In essence, the nature of review build up makes it so that a limit above 20 would result in an unreasonable number of reviews within just a week.

i personally disagree with this, it should be custom/up to users’ discretion. esp if there isn’t a way to skip items

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Thanks for your feedback.

We’ll be adding a way to easily skip items in the coming weeks. Skipped items won’t count against the daily lesson limit.

If you don’t mind sharing, which items would you want to skip? Components you are already familiar with?

yes, ive already been studying mandarin for around a year so a lot of the early stages are quite familiar to me. would rather get started on the unfamiliar characters to not waste time ^^

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Gotcha. This is a common scenario that we want to cover thoroughly, and the single-item skip that we will add soon will help us partly as we work towards a more complete solution.

Do you have an idea of what HSK level you are at? We have an idea of adding skip-to-HSK-level functionality to address this use-case, but are unsure if the average Chinese learner is aware of their own HSK level, which is why I ask. (I personally never was exactly sure of mine, but I think that is because I studied traditional characters and focused on Taiwanese content/resources.) Thanks!

I haven’t taken any tests but I reckon I could pass HSK3 fairly easily at the level I’m at now. Would have to do a little more studying for hsk4 tho.
I once stumbled upon a quick test which showed you a few hanzi and u indicated whether you knew it or not, took around 5mins, and with that it estimated your hsk level/ability. maybe you could look into a quick diagnostic test like that for people who are unsure of their level?

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Nice idea! We’ll keep that in mind when we design the skip-to-HSK feature. We were initially thinking of having a couple of choices like so during the onboarding flow:

  • Start from scratch
  • Skip to HSK 2 (You already know characters like 你,好,的)
  • Skip to HSK 3 (You already know characters like X, Y, Z)

But an interactive quiz seems like a better way to do that.

You should definitely keep single-item skip as well :slight_smile:

If you do something like a HSK-skip, I don’t think it should skip “unrelated” words as well. For example, I’d never forget 知 and 己, but the word 知己 is completely new to me, and I’d be sad to miss out on it just because the characters themselves are part of a lower level of HSK.

Alternatively that could also be a toggle, but toggles toggles toggles :relieved:

Yeah we consider single-item skip to be a separate feature entirely and will keep it when we add the HSK-level skipping.

Wanted to double check my understanding of the word skipping behavior you are thinking of. Assuming we skip HSK 1 and jump straight to HSK 2, is the following how you would expect things to work?

  1. All words that are WITHIN HSK1 official vocabulary list are also skipped
  2. If a word contains only HSK1 characters, but is otherwise not in the official HSK1 vocab list, it should not be skipped.