Why do I only get a few Hanzi every day?

I want to learn at least 5 hanzi per day to meet my goals, but this is impossible since I only get 1-3 per day, and they are usually hanzi I already know from Duolingo. Even if I increse to 20 lessons per day, and set daily words to zero, I just get tons of components that I don’t need yet. All I want from Hanzihero is to be able to learn hanzi, but it is very slow


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The reason you aren’t getting as many hanzi is because of your Character Unlocking settings.

When you have it as Unlock when dependent items are familiar that means you have to reach Apprentice I on all of the sounds and components of a character.

In contrast, if you have it set as Unlock when dependent items are learned, then you’ll immediately get hanzi after you get through the sound and component lessons.

So I would recommend changing this setting to Unlock when dependent items are learned and you’ll likely see a flood of characters to learn :+1: