Study help idea: grouping by sounds/tones

First of all, thank you for listening to us users and accepting feedback. I have been very pleased with the recent changes you have made (including the back button, the button to pop up the item in a new window for reference and the undo button). My study has become much quicker and more efficient for it. I also love the new features for studying ‘recently learned’ and ‘recent mistakes’. I look forward to other positive changes to your website.

Another study help idea to chew on deals with having a feature that shows all of the sounds/characters we learned that are the same sound but have different meanings, for our comparison. The analytical corner of my brain wants to see the relationship with other similar sounds: characters with the same pinyin spelling with a) same tones or b) different tones Eg a) group all the yi1 characters; b) group all the yi1,yi2,yi3,yi4 characters together.


This is a great idea! I can see us adding this as a section on the character page, as we already have one for “similar meanings”. It would be called “similar pronunciation”.

One way to do this currently for exact tone match is to use the search bar and type in the exact tone, e.g., “yi1”, and all matches should show up. Unfortunately I think for something quite common like “shi4” our search results will cut off and not show all matches. We’ll need to look into improving that at some point.