Seb's Study Log

That’s a great idea! We are in the midst of adding a skip portion to lessons. I think up next soon after that is a way to skip or “hide” items that have already been started and show up in reviews.


What I meant is not to skip them that I already know, but rather skip them, because I don’t want to learn them right now. For example, older and younger sister and brother are unimportant to me.

Else I’m back in my routine, I try to do my reviews in the morning before work and then learning the new cards through out the day. Combining pronunciation and meaning was a great addition!

I’m now level 9 and half roughly 3/4 of HSK1.
I’ve been staying at friends too much, so I haven’t had time to schedule online classes, I really need to prioritise it more, as I’ve started talking to chinese tourist and I just don’t come up with questions I can ask haha

My summer looks though already very full and I also want to revise my vietnamese before going to a vietnamese monastery…