Non-skipped vocabulary

So, I started this account with skipping HSK 1 stuff, but will I eventually learn all of the vocabulary that seems like it’s been skipped? There’s lots of cool vocab up there (here it’s sorted by lesson order), so I’m wondering if those vocab will every get circulated in lessons if all characters in a word had been skipped.

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Right now any word that has all characters within it skipped will not show up in the lesson queue. You can get around this by prioritizing the word on the item page.

The initial rationale behind was to make it so character-focused users do not get word lessons for characters they already know.

While the prioritization thing I mentioned will work around this, we will look into making this a bit more seamless to do for those who want to learn all/most vocab words, regardless of whether they have skipped the characters within the words. Perhaps via a setting toggle.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Good to know. Thank you!

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