Feature request: "Community Mnemonics" section in character/word details

I recognize this might be non-trivial to implement, but I wanted to suggest it anyway:

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a particular mnemonic doesn’t stick for me. Whenever this happens, I create my own in the “notes” section. However, coming up with ideas can be rather time-consuming.

Suggestion: Allow users to submit their mnemonics, and have user-submitted mnemonics be visible in a “Community Mnemonics” section, with the most upvoted mnemonics at the top. (And if the developers really liked a particular idea, they could choose to use it in the official mnemonic if they so desired.)

Caveat: Since this could plausibly be abused, it might be good to have a reporting feature and/or only allow paid users to submit their mnemonics to this section.


Great idea! I’m all for user contributions - it would make the platform a lot more useful, imo.

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This is a good idea that some others have previously mentioned. It is something we hope to explore later this year.

One thing we want to get to first is to make adding notes/custom-mnemonics easier with a sort of custom editor allowing one to make them well-formatted and highlighted like the official ones.

Lastly, one factor that has lead to this not being as prioritized as other things we are working on is we are unsure how many people would contribute mnemonics. Everyone wants more mnemonics to choose from, but it is easy to underestimate the amount of work it takes to create them! I’ll be happy to be proved wrong on this point, we’ll have to wait until if/when the feature is out to see. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I look forward to it. Now that I think about it more, I reckon community notes could also be used for things like sharing links to articles that explain grammar particles as they are introduced, adding cultural context, and so on.

Somewhat tangentially, how easy would it be to add notes exporting & importing? I’m thinking that could perhaps be a way for me to share my mnemonics with my friends in the meantime.

Adding the ability to import/export notes I don’t see us getting to anytime soon. However, I see advanced functionality like this being covered by a general-use API that is in planning.

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