Adding synonyms helps a lot

Just my two cents. Adding your own synonyms is very helpful, particularly in the long run. Particularly if English is not your native language. A month or two after you first encounter a component or character, it’s hard to remember if That Thing is called a Rod or a Stick, for example. Or, when a name sounds a bit unfamiliar. Case in point: Barrette is not a word I’ve ever used so I just add Hair Clip as a synonym as soon as I encounter it for the first time. People behind the curtain do try to accommodate by providing various synonyms but some words just work better for some people.


Glad the feature is working out for you :slight_smile:

Planning to have it integrated into the studying part of the app so many more can conveniently take advantage of it.

To those that advised alternate meanings, it is appreciated! It helps reduce friction for newcomers. We still have some pending tasks around improving the alternatives for some items/allowing more slack in answering.

Seeing what others put as synonyms could be another way for us to figure out what we should adopt as defaults, so thanks for raising awareness about it!